The Sunday morning 10:45 liturgy:

Durnig the Sunday morning worship, we worship in a “ high liturgy" way.  That is to say, worship is full of colors, images, symbols, and pageantry that is meant to inspire and challenge us in our faith.  Worship leaders wear special clothes (vestments) that are meant to draw our attention away from our own clothes and to God.  We often use unfamiliar movements like processions/recessions, bowing, and standing/sitting/kneeling.  This reminds us that everyone is charged with worshipping.  The Pastor or worship leaders are not worshipping for you.  You have the awesome opportunity to worship God.  It also reminds us that our whole bodies are involved in worship.

Our worship is contemporary.  It speaks to the realities of the world in 2017 by drawing upon the great tradition of the church.  The prayers, music, scriptures, and words that follow are often hundreds, if not thousands of years old.  The depth of this worship pushes all of us in our faith.  Again, all are welcome to worship.

The Sunday evening 6pm liturgy:

Our evening worship follows roughly in the tradition of the ancient practice of Vespers.  Vespers worship is centered around the themes of light, repentance and recollection, and waiting for the Lord.  This is accomplished through three basic ways Silence, Scripture (especially the Psalms), and Prayer.  For these Sunday night Vespers, we have added the Eucharist.

The music is in the style of Taize.  Named for the small town in France where it originated.  The music is marked by simple, yet singable melodic lines that are repeated freely.  The simplicity of the music creates space for meditation and reflection.  All are welcome!

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